We are always looking for new ways to enhance and simplify daily life, and we stand firmly behind our commitment to thoughtful design when producing lifestyle products to answer the riddles of contemporary living.

Bosign oversees every aspect of its design, development, and patenting. Functionality and form are the backbone of our product development, and we believe their harmonious relationship has been vital to our company’s success. A Bosign product, be it a dish cloth holder for the kitchen or a cable organiser for the office, is not developed unless we believe it will enhance an interior while bringing greater joy and ease to the everyday experience.

We are inherently curious. We look to human nature, the ever-changing demands of modern life, and the increasing need to simplify and save as inspiration for our product development. Daily inconveniences and routine problems are one source of ideas; unforeseen gaps in the market are another. Nothing excites us more than creating a product that provides a refreshing and lasting solution.

Shared expertise and teamwork are vital to our process, and our designers collaborate closely with our production and marketing specialists to ensure that Bosign products work from every possible angle. Choosing forms and raw materials that compliment functionality, we are able to design products that decorate or integrate smoothly into any interior. Our design aesthetic, which includes honest use of materials and sensual Scandinavian detail, is a natural partner for innovative functionality, and we find that this marriage of elements ages well. Our products’ aesthetic appeal is legitimized by functional innovation even in the most non-contemporary interiors, offering a simple and refreshing contrast.

We only use recycled or environmentally safe materials, and we always ask ourselves before venturing into any new development if the product we’re planning to produce increases environmental awareness and allows greener practices.


Product Development Process:


Bosign has its own assembly plant and team of production engineers. This enables simultaneous processing of multiple product development factors beyond just design and function, including production costs, production strategy, brand experience, transportation costs, and retail presentation. We map and analyse all relevant design, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing elements to ensure that our products have a given place in the market.

Our integrated design process is organic and shaped by overlapping factors, such as feedback from design shows, new engineering technologies, and creative design insights. A wide range of cultural perspectives also means our international design team can create Scandinavian detailed products with distinct international appeal. Working iteratively, we draw from a mix of methodologies to ensure optimal product development. Design tools are taken from 2D sketches, 3D digital models, and rapid prototypes for user tests. Occasionally Bosign’s designs have to be shelved in the middle of development and paused for a day in the future when a better solution can be devised. No matter the outcome, Bosign’s aim is always to provide viable and desirable designs.