Do-Dish™ Caddy Compact. Marble - Dish Soap Pump & Sink Organiser Set - White. Marble -

Would you like to have a clean and clutter free sink area? Do you need to quickly dish a pot or your favorite coffee mug? Wish you didn't have to bring out the bottle of detergent or didn't have to leave it on the counter top?

Bosign’s multi-awarded Do-Dish™ Caddy provides organised storage for a variety of washing-up equipment with an integrated dish soap dispenser for washing-up liquid. The innovative design of the Do-Dish™ pump enables easy one-handed operation freeing up your other hand to hold the item you would like to clean. With the Do-Dish™ pump you always have quick and easy access to just the right amount of dish soap directly on to the sponge or brush for a quick cleaning up in the kitchen. Just grab a sponge or a dish brush and simply press the lid of the dispenser and start washing-up.

• Easy and quick access to dish soap, dish brush and sponge
• Saves time, money and the environment
• Eco friendly – Only dispenses a tiny amount of dish soap
• Organised storage that clears clutter around the sink
• Space-saving, slim and neat design
• Concealed tray catches any excess drips. Tip the caddy to empty water through the draining hole on the side
• Removable parts for easy cleaning
• Non-slip silicone feet keeps Do-Dish™ Caddy secure in place
• Generous opening makes refills of washing-up liquid fast, easy, and spill-free
• Left or right placement options in sink area possible thanks to interchangeable parts
• Do-Dish™ Dispenser is a patented invention from Bosign
• Red Dot Award winner 2017
• International Award - 'Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2017’
• 2017 Global Innovation Award (GIA) -International Award

The Do-Dish™ Caddy stores and gives you easy access to everything you need for washing-up in one place.
Do-Dish™ Caddy is based on the patented Do-Dish™ Dispenser making the washing-up even more convenient.
Thanks to the clean shapes and the removable parts the Do-Dish™ Caddy is easy to keep clean.


Color :
White. Marble

Material :
PET. Plastic. Silicone

Width :
18 cm (7 1/16")

Depth :
11 cm (4 5/16")

Height :
11 cm (4 5/16")

Holds :
200 ml (7 oz)


Fill the Do-Dish™ pump with a dish soap of your choice
Add water to increase flow of soap
Press with brush or sponge to dispense dish soap
Clean dish soap container before refilling

Care: Wash by hand

Do-Dish™ Caddy Compact. Marble

Dish Soap Pump & Sink Organiser Set

White. Marble

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