Mini Laptray, wood - White varnish (matte) / Cream cushion. Lacquered willow surface

Bosign’s Mini Laptray with shapeable bean bag cushion is a perfect tray to use for a light breakfast in bed, tea and a book in the garden, or a late night sandwich in front of the TV. The Mini Laptray’s handy size and weight is perfect for carrying, storing to save space, or packing for trips.

• Multi-purpose tray
• Shapeable soft bean bag cushion
• Prevents overheating of lap and computer
• Washable cover

Our Laptray creates a stable surface, whether you have it in your lap, in bed or on the couch, while the shapeable cushion allows you to adjust the angle of the tray to suit the task at hand.

The combination of the soft, adjustable cushion and harmoniously proportioned tray make it an ideal solution for any age or home. The trays’ ergonomic grip handles and bean bag cushion ensure maximum comfort and compliment your natural movements.

The tray and pillow together effectively disperse the heat from your computer. Laptray is indeed a multi-purpose tray that comes in handy any time you need a small table.

Choose a cushion cover that suits your interior or personal taste, and remove for safe machine washing whenever needed.
The soft cushion is attached to the tray with velcro. With a cover made of 100 percent cotton, it can easily be removed and machine washed on a cool setting.


Color :
Tray in varnish white (matte). Wood

Material :
Painted varnish willow surface. Cushion cover in 100% cotton. Inner cushion with polystyrene balls.

Width :
43 cm (16 7/8")

Depth :
23 cm (9")

Height :
6,5 cm (2 1/2")

Design :
Harald Hynell


The cushion cover can be easily removed and washed in cold water.
The tray can be wiped clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

Mini Laptray, wood

White varnish (matte) / Cream cushion. Lacquered willow surface

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