Organic sachet - Pink / Blue. Non-woven. Lavender

Keep your clothes freshen with pretty lavender sachets.

Lavender gives a wonderful natural scent to your clothes and textiles while protecting against pests, especially moths. Lavender is also known for its calming and positive effects.
Put a sachet in the drawer, on a shelf in the closet, in a suitcase or in your shoes. Place the decorative sachet in the bathroom or hallway to spread a nice scent of lavender in your home.

Minimal environmental impact. The sachets contain a highly-concentrated quality of lavender and the actual sachet is made of recycled cotton paper. The sachets are made of 100% chemical-free material.

The mix of modern design and folklore patterns on the sachet creates a new exciting alternative to traditional sachets. The sachet in lavender is provided in the color combination pink and blue.

Tip: Renew the scent by shaking and squeezing the sachet lightly.

The sachet is delivered in a nice gift package.


Material :
Non vowen. Lavender

Color :
Pink / Blue.

Width :
14,5 cm (5 11/16")

Depth :
14,5 cm (5 11/16")

Height :
2,5 cm (15/16")

Design :
Amelia Chong


Organic sachet

Pink / Blue. Non-woven. Lavender

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