Shoe box for ladies' shoes, 4 pack - Clear plastic / Black Print

Shoe box for ladies' shoes with transparent and easy-to-access storage of your shoes.

Bosign's shoe box gives you the ability to organize your shoes/boots in a clear manner.
The transparent boxes can be efficiently stacked on a small surface and can be easily opened from the side. This means that you do not have to remove any boxes from the stack to access the shoes.

Your shoes are kept both clean and nice and keep their shape since you do not have to stack them on top of each other. The ventilation holes in our shoe box keep the shoes fresh. The closet also gets a stylish lift with a uniform and stylish shoe storage solution.

The shoe boxes come in several designs for ladies', men's and children's shoes/boots. The series also includes boot supports for both tall and short boots. Other products in the series are storage boxes for belts, scarves, ties and sweaters.


Product :
Shoe box for ladies' shoes

Color :
Transparent clear plastic Black Print

Material :
Clear plastic Polypropylene (PP)

Width :
18 cm (7 1/16")

Depth :
29,5 cm (11 9/16")

Height :
9,5 cm (3 11/16")

Design :
Harald Hynell


Shoe box for ladies' shoes, 4 pack

Clear plastic / Black Print

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