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Purse Hanger Chromed zinc
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Purse Hanger Chromed zinc

Bosign's elegant solution, Purse Hanger, protects your purse from dirt, damage and theft.

With a carefully-considered design and high quality, your bag gets a stylish and functional accessory. You don't have to put down your purse on the floor or hang it behind you on the back of the chair. You can keep an eye on your bag and keep it clean. The bag hangs steadily on the table, thanks to the small silicone pillow on the hanger. Purse Hanger is easily fastened with the carabiner ring on the shoulder strap of the bag.

Hang Purse Hanger in sight and let it become a stylish added detail to the bag, or store it discreetly inside the purse.
The Purse Hanger is delivered in a pretty gift box shaped like a small purse.

Purse Hanger is a perfect gift for everyone owning a purse.


Colour: Polished
Diameter: 14,5 cm
Weight per box: 0,12 kg
Material: Chromed zink
Quantity in Retail Pack: 6
Design: Harald Hynell, Amelia Chong

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