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Bosign has worked for many years to address the need for smart and practical storage that fits in with other home decor.

That is why Bosign can offer a large selection of storage solutions for the entire home, from storage of cables to storage of laundry. Bosign's transparent boxes offer a practical storage solution for your boots, shoes, ties, clothes, sweaters and even for jewelry -- boxes that can create order in your closet.

Bosign also has a series of cases for travel documents and currencies, providing practical storage for before, during and after the trip.

Clothes hangers, hooks and other hangers are also included in our storage solutions. Different types of hooks offer another practical and often decorative way to store items. Bosign has a large selection of hooks that can easily be attached without need of a drill. For bathrooms and kitchens with both hard and smooth surfaces, a high-quality suction cup fastener works well. In wet areas such as bathrooms, suction cups also have the advantage of requiring no holes in the seals, which can lead to water damage. Another way to quickly put up an extra hook is to hang it over a door or hatch.

Lack of storage is a common problem in most homes and Bosign does not design any product without trying to solve the storage issue in an attractive way.

One example of a product for which storage is facilitated by the design is Bosign's inflatable foot bath. It is nice and functional when inflated, but small and practical when not in use.

Another product that uses no storage space is Surfpillow, a soft computer pillow that, when not in use, works as a normal pillow on the couch, armchair or on the bed.

Hangers, hooks, clothes hangers, inflatable foot baths etc. can be found in our store in departments where they naturally belong.

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