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Gift Ideas

Many of Bosign's products can be given as gifts. The products often solve old or new problems in a new way, which decreases the risk that the intended recipient already has a similar product.

The actual experience of creating a positive surprise and discovering a new way to solve a problem can be an important part of a gift.

Below we have selected a few gifts that we know from experience are appreciated by our customers. Perhaps you can even find some gifts for yourself.

A gift for the one who uses a laptop is the laptop pillow Surfpillow.

Surfpillow is a new soft solution for situations in which you have your laptop in your lap, for example while sitting on the couch, in your armchair or in bed. A computer can get very hot underneath and Surfpillow ensures that both the lap and the computer do not overheat. With the filled shapeable pillow you can even tilt the computer to create the best work position.

A gift tip for someone on the go a lot is an inflatable foot bath. It is small when stored but big enough for a nice foot bath when inflated. Compared to similar foot baths in hard plastic, Bosign's footbath is soft on both legs and feet. The air in the walls of the footbath insulates and stores the heat.

A good gift tip for the youngest is the small shoe box for the first pair of shoes. The shoe box in transparent plastic protects the shoes while they can be seen from the outside.

Bosign's branch hanger is a good present for someone with many necklaces and other jewelry. The small branches of the hanger give plenty of room to hang jewelry and the natural shape of the branch provides functionality.

Bosign's Lap Tray constitutes another tip. The tray has a soft and moldable pillow and can be used both as a computer tray and as a regular tray for breakfast in bed, or for a cup of tea and a sandwich on the couch or in the lounger.

The Purse Hanger can be a good present for everyone with a nice purse. The hanger keeps track of the bag at the restaurant, in the bar or in a cafe. You do not have to put the purse on the floor or hang it over the chair out of sight. The bag is kept clean while it is complemented with an accessory in a harmonious design. Purse Hanger is delivered in a nice gift package.

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