A travel pillow that double as tablet stand

The travel pillow from Bosign is a new innovative travel pillow that not only is a great neck pillow for traveling, but also is a stable and easy to use tablet stand. Building on the success with Bosign´s original Tablet Pillow, the travel pillow offers the same stable and comfortable tablet experience as the Tablet Pillow but with an extra bonus feature: a great neck pillow for traveling.

Travel pillow supports the neck

The travel pillow gives a comfortable support during traveling

Comfy travel pillow on the go, at the hotel or at home

Because the travel pillow double as a tablet pillow, it comes in handy not only when traveling but also at the hotel or even at home. The use of the travel pillow as a support for your tablet may be addictive. Once you have been used to the stable and effortless way your tablet rests in your lap or on a table, you will see the benefits of keeping the travel pillow around at home. Next time you are packing your gear for traveling you know where your neck pillow is. Your tablet is most likely resting on it.

Travel pillow in the two viewing positions

Travel pillow in the two viewing positions

Travel pillow with two viewing positions - horizontal or vertical

Bosign's travel pillow has wedge shaped design that enables two basic viewing angles. From those two basic angles, you can adjust the travel pillow so that it always has the best possible angle, no matter what position you are in. If you want to use both hands for typing, the travel pillow keeps your tablet in the right position without you having to hold it. If you watch a movie, you can put your hands behind your head and just enjoy; the tablet stays in a perfect watching angle on your lap or any other surface.

Travel pillow in horizontal position

Travel pillow in horizontal position

Shapeable travel pillow works on all surfaces, hard and soft

The travel pillow is a bean bag and like all other bean bags it's shapable until you apply some pressure to it. When you set the travel pillow down on a surface the weight of a tablet puts enough pressure on the travel pillow so that all the beans inside interlocks and create a firm but still soft shape.

Microbeads fill make the travel pillow soft and comfortable

The travel pillow is filled with super small beads; microbeads, to make it comfortable while still giving the neck desired support on your travels. The microbeads are contained in a inner bean bag that can be removed from inside the travel pillow. When the inner bag is removed, the travel pillow is washable.

Travel pillow attached to luggage

The travel pillow can be attached to carry on luggage

Design: Harald Hynell