Sponge with hook, Round - Lime / Light grey, suction cup fastener

Round sponge with stylish hook.
When the sponge is not being used, it becomes a decoration on the wall or in the sink. The sponge will remain fresh longer by allowing it to air dry on the hook. Delivered with hook in polished steel (suction cup fastener).

The sponge contains no abrasives and will not scratch. Use for cleaning all delicate surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom.
Extra sponges in many other colors.


Color :
Polished Stainless steel. Lime / Light grey

Material :
Polished Stainless steel Polyurethane.

Diameter :
10 cm (3 7/8")

Height :
3 cm (1 1/8")

Design :
Harald Hynell


Products with suction cup fasteners can be fastened on smooth surfaces such as tile, glass, plastic or metal.

We recommend that before fastening, you clean both suction cup and surface thoroughly with hot water or oil-free cleaning solution.

Dry both surfaces. Try to avoid fingerprints on the clean and dry surfaces.

Sponge with hook, Round

Lime / Light grey, suction cup fastener

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